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Fintan Magee’s “The Water Diviner” on the Barraba Silos

Barraba’s iconic grain silos display one of Australia’s most striking examples of silo art. Painted in 2019 while Barraba was still in the grip of a severe drought, artist Fintan Magee’s choice of subject matter is about rural Australia and its relationship to water. The 40-metre high artwork is named “The Water Diviner”.

Fintan’s statement: This mural depicts a local water diviner searching for groundwater, using a y-shaped twig or rod or two L-shaped ones. Diviners study the landscape of a farm and walk over areas where they suspect the water may be located. Ground minerals and magnetic forces force the sticks to cross or be pushed downwards when water is located. Despite many studies claiming the technique is pseudo-science, diviners continue to be used throughout Australia as a way of finding groundwater.

Work was completed on the silos in 24 days in March and April 2019. The Barraba Silos are part of the Australian Silo Art Trail Collection.

Fintan Magee is an internationally renowned artist known for his murals throughout the world.

There is plenty of parking around the mural including for large vehicles. The Silos are situated a couple of minutes south of town on the Fossickers Way.

Fossickers Way
(70 Old Manilla Rd)